Choosing The Best Education Path For Your Child

How do you choose the best education path for your child? Deciding whether to send your child to a private school, a public school or even home tuition, whether or not you can afford to pay tuition fees are just few considerations that go into making one of the key decisions as parents. With an extensive range of options to choose from, picking out the right school can be the most stressful and daunting task. Read on to find out three key things parents must consider when selecting an educational institute for their child.  


The most important thing any parent would consider is the school’s curriculum. A prep international school would have a complete different vision and curriculum to that of a public academy This is not just about the academics, it involves other things like extra-curricular activities, availability of special needs learning and understanding the overall vision the academy has for its students, and how serious it is about attaining it. It gives some indication to the parents as to how their children’s lives would be dealt with, especially due to the fact that the most crucial years of a child’s development are spent in school.  

Approach to Teaching and Learning 

On average a child spends at least half of their day for the next 13 years in school. Therefore, as much learning is obtained, it is imperative that they enjoy their time. Understanding the teaching methods and approach to learning is a big part of choosing the best educational institution for your child. Does the school emphasise individual or group learning? What is the frequency of testing? What is the policy on homework? How large are the classes? Is enough individual attention given to every student?  

Behaviour Policy 

Having appropriate disciplinary procedures is key to developing character and instilling good behavioural patterns in children from a young age. From a strict dress code to abuse prevention programs, a parent would be keen to know how the academy addresses children who misbehave and break the rules. The type of school impacts the severity of the behaviour policy. While an international school Thailand may follow a relaxed disciplinary policy, a public academy would take a more rigid approach.  

All parents tend to evaluate several factors when choosing the right educational institute, as it is the foundation stone that shapes their child’s future. Every parent desires to find a academy that brings out the best in their child and drives them towards great performance. Therefore, making this choice requires serious thought, recommendations, guidance from educational experts and most of all planning.  

Must Read Tips When Travelling To Bangkok With Family

Here are some must read tips when you are planning to move to Bangkok with your family.

Ideal place to live
Finding the ideal place to live in Bangkok is important considering that you will be living with your family there. This can be a bit tricky if you are visiting the country for the first time. If you have any family members or relatives, you can get some information about the nature of the atmosphere in the country and some suggestions about where to live with the family in Bangkok. You can try areas the likes of Pakkret, which is a suburban region that is located around 19 to 20 kilometers away from the center of the city. This area can be a bit crowded, however, you can find some room to move around in with the family. Plus you can find many expats living in the area as well. You can join the locals in enjoying the exotic tropical setting by taking a small ride in a boat and enjoying some sumptuous delicacies at a riverside restaurant.

Dealing with the kids
It is not that difficult to live with the family in Bangkok. There are many gilded temples, mouthwatering culinary finds as well as the perfect environment to raise the children. There are several schools that you can try out in the country and if you have younger kids you can even try out a pre school Bangkok. When finding school in Bangkok that is perfect for your child’s need, you might have to do some research about the school. You can consider the educational needs of your child and make the ideal choice that will benefit the future of your child. This applies for when you are choosing the ideal kindergarten in Bangkok as well.

Healthcare in Bangkok
When it comes to trying to find the perfect healthcare provider in Bangkok there are many who side with skepticism and word of mouth. But this is not true. Despite the popular opinion, there are state of the art health care providers in the area that feature Western equipment and facilities as well. You can even find several individuals in the waiting areas of the hospitals that are known as medical tourists who are eon the lookout for high quality health care for affordable prices.

The climate in Bangkok
One of the most important facts when considering moving to Bangkok seem to be the heat and the pollution of air. During the summer time there can be incidents where the heat is unbearable however, you can get used to the conditions quite fast.